bride blowing wedding guys - desi boy XNXX

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Lori 3 years ago
Night before our wedding hubby got cold feet came to me wanted to back out I told him I loved him and I've done and will do things sexually for and to him that I will never do to or for another guy. Convincingly I got on my knees suck and licked his dick. I told him I loved him and his nut juice was going to get swallowed whenever he wanted. I sucked him and he blasted my throat. I swallowed gagging but not spitting. We got married and yes I let him fuck my ass and I still swallow.
Slutpaula 3 years ago
My husband and I proudly fucked everyone in our wedding party the night before. We had dated everyone before we got engaged and all of us had partied together for years. So our last night as singles we endulged in sex. I went with the 6 guys and he went with the 6 girls. About 2 am we all hooked back up at our house and fucked until morning. What a wedding party
Satyr 5 years ago
My wife didn't fuck the best man and ushers on our wedding night... she'd already fucked them all at my bachelor's party...
hahaha 3 years ago
"Can't turn a hoe into a housewife,hoes don't act right"
Loveasianpussy 2 years ago
Clearly I have been in all of the wrong weddings
Tinna 5 years ago
This video just sucks
White women 5 years ago
Are some serious whores. No morals or standards.
Bill 6 years ago
You'd like to think some of these sluts could have at least shed the dress and veil. Be a little embarrassing taking a bunch of spunked up stuff to the cleaners. Lmao
Jose 7 years ago
this video is hot
2 months ago
why does everything have to have a black piece of shit fucking a white woman. It's the most disgusting thing in the world